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Assignment – Part 2 – Reflective account

February 9, 2013


Part Two – Reflective review Open College of the Arts assignment, Music 1, Part Two Tibor Kovacs, December 2012   Studying the music of the twentieth century has been a great experience, I feel I could spend another year with it. Although some of the pieces that I listened revealed their beauty quite readily on […]

Assignment 2 – An insight into serialism

January 6, 2013


An insight into serialism Tibor Kovacs, Open College of the Arts Historically, serialism in music was initiated in the early twenties in Austria, in the immediate aftermath of the twentieth century. However, to understand the background of serialism we have to turn our attention first to the end of the nineteenth century and the first […]

Shostakovich – Fifth Symphony – heroic or tragical

December 14, 2012


Imagine a rainy day when you are at home. You had great plans of going out, but the weather is miserable. You settle to the table to have some breakfast and switch on the radio – nothing but the same old stuff, repeating the first entries of the official chart over and over again. But […]

A few thoughts on indeterminacy and serial music

December 4, 2012


Just imagine that you walk a busy road or an open market in the city, with all the people and different sounds of the street buzzing around. Or maybe you are on a long journey by car and take a rest in a roadside restaurant. You could hear the traffic passing by, people talking indistinctly, […]

The life and music of Carl Nielsen

November 18, 2012


Carl Nielsen, a composer of Denmark with increasing international recognition, was born on the island of Funen in 9 June 1865; Carl was the seventh born among 12 siblings. Nielsen’s earliest contact with music was provided mainly by the local folk heritage; his parents, who were musically educated people of modest social background. His mother, […]

Programme notes – Jean Sibelius – Symphony No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 82

October 23, 2012


Sibelius’s fifth symphony is one of the most popular large scale masterpieces of the twentieth century. It is the magnificent and elegant result of a complex compositional process ranging from 1912 to 1919 while the spring of a simple musical idea developed into a vast river of sounds. Its first version was commissioned by the […]

Arnold Schoenberg – Three times Seven Poems from Albert Giraud’s Pierrot Lunaire

October 7, 2012


Pierrot Lunaire was written in the freely atonal period of Schoenberg’s career. It was commissioned by the actress-singer Albertine Zehme, who intended to perform a German translation of the poem collection Pierrot lunaire: rondels bergamasques authored by the Belgian symbolist poet Albert Giraud. Schoenberg quickly became enthusiastic about the idea and developed it into a […]