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Setting the mood – the saxophone

February 20, 2013


The instrument was invented by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian born instrument designer. He learnt the basics of his trade in his father’s workshop, but from an early age he started experiment with new designs. Several wind instruments have benefited from his work, he patented an important improvement of the bass clarinet and experimented with valved […]

Concert at St. Christopher’s

February 10, 2013


On the 7th of February I went together with my daughter to a concert at the local St Christopher’s Hospice. They organize excellent concerts for a small auditorium on the first Thursday on each month. The programme comprises a variety of classical music (which is the mainstream of the concert series), free style instrumental jazz, […]

Assignment – Part 2 – Reflective account

February 9, 2013


Part Two – Reflective review Open College of the Arts assignment, Music 1, Part Two Tibor Kovacs, December 2012   Studying the music of the twentieth century has been a great experience, I feel I could spend another year with it. Although some of the pieces that I listened revealed their beauty quite readily on […]

Listening exercise – a comparison between Beethoven’s first and last piano sonata

February 5, 2013


The piano was the most loyal companion of Beethoven throughout his life. In his first years in Vienna he created sensation as a piano virtuoso, playing the instrument with an advanced technique, elemental power and heartfelt passion as nobody else did. His piano compositions reflected his development at every stage and are among his most […]