Pop music – like it or not – 4

Posted on April 7, 2012


Adele – Someone like you

This is a lyrical piano ballad written by Adele and co-writer Dan Wilson, initiated by Adele in the immediate aftermath of the personal experience of a broken relationship at the age of 18. In the 2011 BRIT Awards performance Adele was singing the song only accompanied on the piano by Wilson. In this performance Adele has proven to be a very talented singer, being able to modulate her voice between an impressive high pitch and a low melancholic tone, easily finding the intensity and tone colour appropriate for the lyrics.

The verses are simple and clear, an outcry to the faraway person about long-lasting love and pain. The piano accompaniment is similarly simple and fits very well the song. Everything is seamlessly performed and sounds perfectly authentic. Provided that one is in a silent, contemplative mood, it is easy to empathise with the feelings that give the drive of the song. However, I keep having the impression that something is missing, something that would lift it out of the gray and make at least a temporary twist in the heavy feelings evoked. Also, hearing the song repeatedly in the radio makes it increasingly difficult for me to get in touch with its emotional content.

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