Pop music – like it or not 1

Posted on April 7, 2012


What are the ingredients of pop music make me stop when I am tuning the radio searching for good music, start humming the tune and taping the rhythm? I’ll try to find some of the answers looking at a few hits in this mini-series of posts.

Queen – Don’t stop me now

The song starts with Freddie Mercury introducing the tune singing on a gentle voice accompanied by a few well placed piano arpeggios. In the first thirty seconds he takes it slowly from soft, and gradually raises the volume of his singing up to a staccato moment, before the rhythm suddenly speeds up. This way they manage to increase the emotional temperature, focusing it to the moment where everything speeds up. The intro really gives the feel of warming up a racing car and starting the race, speeding up to a super-energetic tempo. The music continues at a high speed, very well articulated with similarly explosive lyrics. Short and rather elaborate instrumental bits inserted in the right moments – electric guitar, piano and drums – and some crafted changes in the tempo exclude any chance of boring repetition. So the band maintains a sense of high speed, intensive movement with some sharp bends for a good few minutes, a perfect hit to give me a push whenever I hear it.

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