My definition of music

Posted on March 13, 2012


Technically speaking, I suppose music is a form of enactment, expression of the internal dynamics of the mind, by generating sounds in the environment. The sonic qualities (pitch, timbre, texture) and timely proportions (rhythm) of the sounds are defining characteristics of music. The sounds are linked together in one way or another, so they are perceived as a unity. Silent moments of variable length, relating in some way to the sounds can be included.  Also, the succession of sounds and silences relates to internal states of the individual (or individuals) generating it, such as emotions, impressions, ideas and attitudes and can be perceived and decoded by listeners.


Less technically, music is one of the few truly original and innocent contributions of humankind to the complexity and variety of this world.  A source of unspeakable pleasure to many, music can hardly do major damage to anyone (although it can be annoying at times). The treasures of music are broadly available, in some form or another, to the rich and to the poor. Music can make my day special (and it often does indeed), it stimulates and helps me relax, fills the gap in my mind after a hard day at work. It has reached me in rainy days, when tired, fed up, rushing or worried and talked to me when I was alone.

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